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Hurricane Irene in Maine and the Yankee Gale

Well, the sun is shining again today after Irene passed through Maine Saturday night and Sunday. I hope everyone weathered the storm okay! 160 years ago, in October, there was a much worse hurricane that hit north of us, off of Prince Edward Island.

They didn’t name hurricanes in those days, but this one was later called The Yankee Gale of 1851, for so many fishing vessels from New England were lost  – around 100, with many more damaged! Most were from Massachusetts, but many from Maine were involved as well. All were up there fishing for mackerel, for it was that time of year in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I read that at times there could be more than 20,000 ships fishing in the area; for mackerel as well as cod.

During the 2 day storm, and for months after, the folks on Prince Edward Island were overcome by debris, bodies, shipwrecks, barrels of mackerel, etc. all washing ashore. There were also many sailors who were saved by these good folks and taken into their own homes to be fed and clothed. All bodies found were given decent burials, and many were identified as to age, hair color, type of clothing so that living family members might know whether it was their loved one.

It must have been very difficult for families at home, waiting for news, because there were often mistakes made as to who was saved or not. It was a long time before a confirmed list of lost ships and crews was compiled. One wife, overcome with grief on hearing that her husband had drowned, committed suicide. A father, who lost 4 sons and a nephew, at the insistence of his wife, went to Prince Edward Island to find their bodies. He found all but his youngest son and made arrangements to have them shipped home. In a very ironic twist of fate, the ship they were on was lost at sea before making it to Maine, so the family lost them twice.

Thankfully, we now have ways to predict hurricanes, and though not always 100% accurate, are better than no warning at all.


More Midcoast Maine Haunted History Opportunities

Beginning in September, when we change tour times to 7:00, I’ll be offering a later tour as well.  4 nights a week (Saturday through Tuesday) you’ll have the option of beginning at 9:15 pm. So, if you’ve always wanted to take a midcoast Maine Haunted History Tour, but the times didn’t mesh with your dinner hour or work schedule, now you will have a choice! Due to limited calendar space, I’m not going to post these extra tours on the schedule page, just give me a call, or note a later time in your reservation request.

These later tours are always an option by special request. Don’t forget daytime tours and private tours are as well! Do you have a firepit or fireplace at your home or cottage? Invite me over for Spectral Stories by firelight!

For even more opportunities, go to and see what we’re offering there! Check back often, we’re continuing to add events and trips!


Salem Witch Trials and Hangings

These didn’t take place in Maine, but Maine was part of Massachusetts at the time, and they did influence certain happenings here. This is a “nice” chronology of events, with some hangings taking place on today’s date 319 years ago.

I believe I have witch related relatives in my genealogy – do you? Even testifying counts!


Quote of the Day (but not every day)

“Let us interrogate the great apparition that shines so peacefully around us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


New Adventures, New Explorations, New Website

As a sideline to Red Cloak Haunted History Tours, we’ve developed adventures for you that might be paranormal or historical or educational, but they will all be mysterious! On our new website,, you can read about what we have in store for the next few months; haunted explores, Halloween Happenings, a cruise to the Western Caribbean!  A couple are waiting for a bit more information, and altogether new adventures are being planned, but you can have a head start over the general public by taking a look right now!

We’d love to have your feedback and/or suggestions…


Full Moon Explore Results

We had a great group join us on Saturday night’s Full Moon Midnight Explore at the Rufus Flye house in Damariscotta, Maine! We started with more than a light supper which included a choice of lobster roll or crab cakes among others, thanks to Salt Bay Cafe. After a short history of the building and paranormal happenings there, an explanation of devices that would be used during the evening, and the plan for exploration, the hunt began!

We split into 3 teams, each of which had an EMF detector, camera and flashlight. A K2 meter was used by one group, and we had 2 EVP recorders as well as an infared non-contact thermometer and 2 video cameras.

Several EVP sessions were done in different parts of the building, one which included a guest feeling something brush against her bare leg and stay there for approximately 3-4 minutes. The temperature surrounding her dropped about 3 degrees at that time!

In another area of the building there was some very active EMF activity. An EVP recording was taken there as well.

During a break for coffee and soda, we experimented with dowsing rods, trying to get the spirits to communicate with us that way. The evening wrapped up about 1:00 am.

Due to the large amount of data to be evaluated, we do not have results ready to post yet, but I wanted to give you a short idea of how the evening went.

Results will be posted on our new website as soon as possible, please check back often. This new website is a sideline expansion of Red Cloak Haunted History Tours, and will be offering another Explore at the Rufus Flye House on October 15, as well as an Explore at the haunted Winter Street Center in Bath in September, 2 Halloween overnights and a cruise to the Western Caribbean in March! You will want to join us on all of these adventures for sure!




Another tour in Camden tonight, but no ghost activity at the apple tree!


Full Moon Damariscotta, Maine !

Last chance – less than 24 hours to get your reservation in for tomorrow night’s Full Moon Midnight Explore! Yes, there are still spaces available… if you dare! Here’s the link to what it ‘s all about – we’re going to have the best time! Will we hear the disembodied voice? Will we see the shadows? Will we hear the footsteps? Just last night, on one of our regular Red Cloak Tours, a guest took a photo of the building that seems very strange! We’ll have it to evaluate, on site, tomorrow night. Call to reserve, 207-380-3806


Camden Maine Ghost part two

We discovered this ghost in the apple tree a couple of years ago, just about this time of year.  Apples were falling from the tree during an unrelated story and a guest was joking about there being a ghost in the tree. She took a picture and captured an incredible orb in the tree! You can see her photo on our “Ghostly Sightings” page. As she was walking away, she said goodbye to the ghost and one lone apple plopped to the ground, as if in response.

We’ve now incorporated that story into the tour, and the last few weeks, our guests have been seeing strange things going on in the apple tree. One guest saw an apple go out from the tree sideways, before dropping to the ground! Another saw an apple already on the ground roll uphill – what?  As we were leaving one evening, I said goodbye to the ghost and thanked it for sharing. A picture taken at that moment shows an orb in the tree!

So last night I was interested to see what might happen when we stopped by the apple tree…  one of the guests saw 3 apples drop straight down and 1 apple go out sideways at the same time! Lots of pictures were taken, so we’ll see what those turn up. I will keep you posted…


Camden Ghost in the Apple Tree

Tonight I’m leading the Camden Red Cloak Haunted History Tour unexpectedly, and I’m excited! The ghost of the apple tree there has been showing off lately, so I’m eager to see what’s in store for tonight! I will fill you in on the whole thing tomorrow….

First, lobster rolls with my family, who’re visiting Maine this week!

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