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Ghostly Lovers from Maine for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Tomorrow!

I thought I’d share a ghostly lover story with you in honor of Valentine’s Day. There are many out there, of course, but this one took place in Maine, so I thought it would be a good choice!

Bob was a young sailor from Lubec, Maine. He worked on a clipper ship that was bringing emigrants to America from Ireland and England in the mid 1800’s. On one trip he met a young Irish lass named Nora and they fell madly in love.

They were married in Portland, Maine as soon as they were able after docking, and headed for Lubec. Bob tried his hand at farming, but the lure of the sea was too much, so he became a fisherman. Eventually he built a ship of his own that he named the Nora.

Nora and Bob raised a family and lived happily for many years. They moved to Eastport, Maine, and Bob began using the Nora as a cargo ship. One terribly stormy day, the ship was overdue from Portland and Nora and her children were very anxious.

Nora kept watch until about midnight, when she dropped into a fitful sleep. Less than an hour later, she awoke with a start and had the feeling that someone was in the room with her. There was a flash of lightning and she saw her husband standing by the window – he was soaking wet and covered with seaweed! Nora called his name and turned for a light. Just then the church clock struck 1:00 am. When she turned back, he had disappeared! There was a puddle of water and a bit of seaweed in the spot where he had been standing.

Now, there was a legend in Nora’s home town in Ireland that St. Patrick had granted the womenfolk  there the favor of one last look at their loved one if he happened to die at sea. Knowing this, Nora was sure that she had just seen her husband for the last time; that he would not be returning from his voyage.

She called her family and neighbors to come and she told them what had happened. No one believed her – they tried to convince her that it was rainwater coming from a leak in the window. She then showed them the seaweed and one neighbor tasted the water, which was salty! The next day when the Nora sailed into the harbor and everyone was told the Captain had been struck by lightning at 1:00 am and fell overboard, they were finally convinced!

Nora lived many more years, never remarrying, and telling anyone who would listen the tale of her husband’s last visit and showing them the seaweed that she kept wrapped in a bit of Irish lace. She died on the anniversary of his death and many believe Bob came back for her on that day.

I hope you’re able to spend tomorrow with the one you love…

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