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Strange Cyphers

20200505_152817This is from a newspaper dating to 1931, figures that were found on the body of a woman floating in the surf off of Southport, Maine that same year .

There are many questions surrounding these cyphers, besides what they might stand for – why might the woman have wrapped the card they were written on carefully in waxed paper to protect them if she was going to commit suicide as the authorities believed?

Why did she, a woman in her 30’s, travel alone from the Philadelphia/New York area to the summer town of Boothbay Harbor, Maine in December of 1931?

What prompted her to rip the labels out of most of her clothing and also to remove labels from her prescription bottles? Did she even check in to the hotel under her real name, signing in as Louise Meade?

She was determined to see “the Rockbound Coast of Maine” according to witnesses. So much so, that she walked about 6 miles, in high heels, in December, without a coat, to get to the wild, open coast!

Found several days later with a belt buckled around her wrists and an early electric iron cord (with iron) and her pocketbook handles tied up, also.

Another mystery involves this finding – many folks saw her walking those 6 miles and she was not carrying a bag large enough to hold a heavy iron and she was not wearing a belt.

Yet, the local police determined that she had committed suicide and the case was closed.  The woman was buried in an unmarked grave in a local cemetery due to the generosity of the townspeople. Can you help us figure out what these numbers and letters might mean? Do you have a missing person in your family genealogy that might be “Louise”?




Last night, in Boothbay Harbor, I had to tell a story that is not part of our usual route, so not one that I’ve memorized. I promised the guests on the walk that I would post the story here so we could be sure to get the facts straight! Susannah Lewis and Benjamin Kenney had marriage intentions published on June 26, 1784, and were married on August 4 of the same year. Susannah was only 17, a plain girl, but she had set her sights on Benjamin who was an older, weathier man. Susannah was very demanding, turning shrewish as time went on and was often in a rage, cursing Benjamin. He was a fisherman and began to spend more and more time on the water, even going out in bad weather. One time he was late returning home from a fishing trip during a storm so Susannah went to the shore to look for him and never returned! Benjamin and his crew were found the following day, safe and sound. Susannah was also found the next day; her body having washed ashore where she had been swept in by a wave. Benjamin later remarried. Susannah was buried in the Pear St. Cemetery, but has not stopped looking for her husband… a mist is often seen at her gravesite.

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