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Investigators from the Maine Ghost Hunters Society will be joining “The Lady in the Red Cloak” for a series of special Haunted History Tours! A team of investigators will come equipped with devices that will help see the unseen… whether by image, sound, or electromagnetic activity. The specialized equipment will be used to test areas on the tour for the possible presence of paranormal activity and will be demonstrated to the guests. The first of these special walks will be on August 24, a full moon night, in Bath, at 8:00 pm. These particular tours will focus a bit more on haunted spots than history and may take a bit longer than the usual 90 minutes, due to the demonstrations. There will also be a similar tour in Damariscotta on Aug. 31 and one in Boothbay Harbor on Sept. 10 (at the regular tour times). More dates will be coming so keep checking the calendar section of the website! These tours are $17.50 and are by reservation only.