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The Lady’s Musings…

I had a great time tonight with the folks who turned out for “Haunted Lighthouses of Maine”! They were a great group and had some interesting ghost stories to share – I always love to hear other’s stories!

Lighthouse lore is so fascinating – I learned a lot doing research for this, and there’s yet more to learn. Running into Abbie Burgess (“Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie”) again was fun. I sometimes think the wives and children of lighthouse keepers were just as stalwart as the men!

Two of the lighthouses we talked about tonight were Abenaki names, Matinicus and Seguin. It’s amazing to think about the Native Americans venturing that far out to sea in their canoes!

Next week I get to take some school children on walks; always rewarding and fun for me! I hope it doesn’t pour like it did today! I always hope to instill a love of history in the kids. History was something that was always part of my growing up, and obviously stuck with me!

Take a minute to think of your history… and enjoy!


Haunted Maine Lighthouses

Into lighthouses? Haunted ones?

The Lady in the Red Cloak will be telling some haunted Maine lighthouse stories, as well as a brief history of each, at an Adult Education class later this month (April).

If you want to read more about it, or sign up for the class, please go to this link for MSAD40, Hopefully I’ll see you there!

A different Haunted Lighthouse opportunity is available in August, put on by my sister company, Mysterious Destinations. It is a 4 day/3 night bus tour of coastal Maine in which we’ll stop at 7 lighthouses and hear tales of many more! There will be the opportunity to do some searching for paranormal activity, if you wish, at most of the stops. There will be instruction on “ghost hunting equipment” and there will be equipment available for guests to use. We’ll also offer walking tours of 3 haunted Maine villages telling a few ghost stories along the way, and a stop at the Maine Lighthouse Museum. Check it all out at

I hope you’re enjoying Spring – if you’re experiencing Spring anyway! We had snow flurries yesterday and today here in Maine!


Our special October Moon event is coming in a little over a week! The Maine Ghost Hunters Society will join The Lady in the Red Cloak at the Winter Street Center in Bath for a 4 hour late night paranormal investigation! You can join in, too, and learn all about the equipment, possibly have a chance to use some, and be involved with the investigative team as they demonstrate “ghost hunting”. We’ll be at the Center from 9-1 and explore every nook and cranny that we can, looking for signs of paranormal activity. Coffee and light refreshments will be available throughout the evening. This full moon special event is by reservation only, $35.00. Please call FMI, 207-380-3806.


Investigators from the Maine Ghost Hunters Society will be joining “The Lady in the Red Cloak” for a series of special Haunted History Tours! A team of investigators will come equipped with devices that will help see the unseen… whether by image, sound, or electromagnetic activity. The specialized equipment will be used to test areas on the tour for the possible presence of paranormal activity and will be demonstrated to the guests. The first of these special walks will be on August 24, a full moon night, in Bath, at 8:00 pm. These particular tours will focus a bit more on haunted spots than history and may take a bit longer than the usual 90 minutes, due to the demonstrations. There will also be a similar tour in Damariscotta on Aug. 31 and one in Boothbay Harbor on Sept. 10 (at the regular tour times). More dates will be coming so keep checking the calendar section of the website! These tours are $17.50 and are by reservation only.

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