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Mysterious Burial and Unmarked Grave

Some folks think we’re a seasonal business, just during Halloween/Fall season, but we are definitely a year round business!

Our current project is an example of how we work throughout the year. Over 130 years ago a woman was taken from her family under cover of night and buried in an out of town cemetery in an unmarked grave. We’ve been researching this story for years, but have stepped it up recently.

Our goal is to find the Maine cemetery, if not the actual gravesite, by Spring and do some fundraising to give this unfortunate woman a marker.

She did nothing wrong, she was reportedly in a trance, as was common for her, as a medium in her hometown. She was being cared for by her brothers, who assured everyone that she was fine and would come out of it soon.

You can read more about Mary’s story and our efforts here,

Our book, “Haunted Damariscotta, Ghosts of the Twin Villages and Beyond” has the original story. Signed copies can be mailed to you upon request. Call 207-380-3806 or e-mail


Last night, in Boothbay Harbor, I had to tell a story that is not part of our usual route, so not one that I’ve memorized. I promised the guests on the walk that I would post the story here so we could be sure to get the facts straight! Susannah Lewis and Benjamin Kenney had marriage intentions published on June 26, 1784, and were married on August 4 of the same year. Susannah was only 17, a plain girl, but she had set her sights on Benjamin who was an older, weathier man. Susannah was very demanding, turning shrewish as time went on and was often in a rage, cursing Benjamin. He was a fisherman and began to spend more and more time on the water, even going out in bad weather. One time he was late returning home from a fishing trip during a storm so Susannah went to the shore to look for him and never returned! Benjamin and his crew were found the following day, safe and sound. Susannah was also found the next day; her body having washed ashore where she had been swept in by a wave. Benjamin later remarried. Susannah was buried in the Pear St. Cemetery, but has not stopped looking for her husband… a mist is often seen at her gravesite.

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