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Camden Maine Ghost part two

We discovered this ghost in the apple tree a couple of years ago, just about this time of year.  Apples were falling from the tree during an unrelated story and a guest was joking about there being a ghost in the tree. She took a picture and captured an incredible orb in the tree! You can see her photo on our “Ghostly Sightings” page. As she was walking away, she said goodbye to the ghost and one lone apple plopped to the ground, as if in response.

We’ve now incorporated that story into the tour, and the last few weeks, our guests have been seeing strange things going on in the apple tree. One guest saw an apple go out from the tree sideways, before dropping to the ground! Another saw an apple already on the ground roll uphill – what?  As we were leaving one evening, I said goodbye to the ghost and thanked it for sharing. A picture taken at that moment shows an orb in the tree!

So last night I was interested to see what might happen when we stopped by the apple tree…  one of the guests saw 3 apples drop straight down and 1 apple go out sideways at the same time! Lots of pictures were taken, so we’ll see what those turn up. I will keep you posted…


Wiscasset Tales

Happy Friday everyone! What a great week for sharing ghost stories – 3 energetic, enthusiastic, exhuberant classes of 5th/6th graders joined me in Wiscasset, Maine for some local history and tales of the beyond! The atmosphere was a little different in the daylight, but still a fun time.

We heard of a witch’s curse, the missing gold ring, rose scented perfume, the mother missing her children, orbs in the cemetery and more!


Our October Moon event last Saturday was fantastic! Several folks experienced battery drain, we had a 10 degree temperature drop in one of the rooms upstairs (which is recorded on video), orbs were captured on people’s cameras, a figure was seen on the balcony and reports of very uncomfortable feelings in the balcony area. Best of all… a little girl named Rosie was heard from as well as 2 men, Zeke and Logan!! We had a great group of guests and the Maine Ghost Hunters Society did a super job as usual! We’ll be watching for evaluations to come up on their website,


Oh my, these investigators from The Maine Ghost Hunters Society are amazing! We had another great tour with them last night in Wiscasset. Guests got some great orb pictures! We did an evp recording, can’t wait to hear it! The next special tour is Saturday in Damariscotta.


A young guest got a great photo on a Camden tour last week, as did a young guest on a Damariscotta tour…. lots of orbs! Do you suppose they are they drawn to the younger folks?

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