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NEW! Red Cloak Cemetery Tours!

I am SO excited! I have loved cemeteries ever since I was a little girl. The ones I grew up with in Nevada are very different than New England cemeteries, yet still have that allure… With my parents, I used to go to family cemeteries, as well as some desert and ghost town cemeteries. It was always a mini history lesson, but certainly not boring! How could it be when it involved death and sickness and crime and sadness?

Now, as I’m older, I also appreciate the symbolism of the markings on the stones and the heartfelt epitaphs, sometimes biblical, sometimes written by loving family members. There is so much to life, behind the deaths that you realize in a graveyard.

It must be a family thing – my sister, still in Nevada, participates in a type of cemetery tour every Halloween season, and is head of the local Cemetery Association!

So, I’ve been wanting to start these tours for a while and finally they’re here! Each tour will be offered in the town that has a Red Cloak Haunted History Tour that evening. Due to a Maine State law that does not allow visiting cemeteries after dusk, these will be early evening tours, lasting about 1 hour. You can double up and go on a Haunted History Tour in the same town, the same evening, if you’d like.

A twist on the Red Cloak Cemetery Tours is that we will donate a portion of the proceeds of every tour to the local Cemetery Association if there is one, or to the local Historical Society if not. The Cemetery Tours will not focus as much on ghosts and hauntings as the Red Cloak Haunted History Tours, but we will feature a ghost story on each one!

So, if you’re a taphophile – you may be and not even know it – come and join The Red Cloaked Guide on a walk through a midcoast Maine burial ground!


National Girlfriend Day

I recently found out that August 1st is National Girlfriend Day – so the first thing to do is gather up your girlfriends and bring them on a Red Cloak Haunted History Tour! We will have 3 tours on Wednesday, August 1st (which is also a Full Moon night, by the way!); Camden, Boothbay Harbor and first come first served for Damariscotta or Wiscasset.

The second thing to do is share a girlfriend ghost story with me. Maybe you and a girlfriend had a paranormal experience or explored a haunted house together, or maybe your story is more like mine…

My best friend since early elementary school lives across the country from me here in Maine. She and I were inseparable as we were growing up and each considered the other’s family to be ours as well. My mother used to wear a particular lotion with a distinctive smell – long ago off the market. The night my mother passed away, my girlfriend told me she was awakened in the middle of the night and knew someone was in her room – and she knew just who it was; she could distinctly smell my mother’s lotion – a smell she had not experienced in over 30 years! My mother had stopped in to tell her goodbye.

What’s your story??



It is July today and Red Cloak Haunted History Tours is officially open for the season! We have been doing a little of this and a little of that, but you will now find a ghost tour in at least one of our 5 Maine towns every evening until October 30.

I hope everyone has a “sparkling” 4th of July Holiday!


Halloween – only a few days away!

Halloween already?! My, time flies here at Red Cloak Haunted History Tours! We’ve been having such fun… I mean, how can you beat the apparition of Grandpa, the ‘Spectre’, a ghost who slaps men on their backsides, the most haunted building in the state of Maine, and the spirit of a playful little boy?!?

In case you’ve been wanting to come on a lantern walk and haven’t made it yet, we do have some 5:00 and 9:00 tours in addition to the regular 7:00 ones. Our last night is October 30th. Check for a special event on Saturday, October 29 – a Visit with Myrtle – a chance to participate in a ghost hunt of 2 buildings!

I’d really like to thank everyone who came on tours this year and gave us the opportunity to share our stories and the rich history of midcoast Maine. I’d also like to thank my associate ‘Ladies in Red Cloaks’ who worked very flexible hours these last months!

I’m looking forward to a winter full of research and maybe some new offerings next summer/fall! Don’t forget I am available off season by special request… I have some great school tours coming up in November! Check back now and then – you never know what random weird thing I’ll come up with to blog about!

Also, keep an eye on for winter offerings as well as next summer and our November 2012 cruise!


There’s still room for October Red Cloak Haunted History Tours in Maine!

We still have room on all Red Cloak Haunted History Tours the rest of the month… except this Saturday(Oct. 8) in Camden, ME! Because that one is full, I’ve added a 5:00 pm tour for Camden that evening. We’ll also have a 9:15 tour in Wiscasset on the 8th.

Please keep in mind that our schedule (at least one tour every night this month!) is subject to change, but that we also do offer some 5 pm and some 9 pm tours! Just call and we’ll do the best we can for you so that you can take an October ghost tour! Once a firm reservation is made, that tour will not change – unless there’s an emergency or rain, of course!

I’m looking forward to seeing you this last month of our season! Often, the October tours are the best… a little chill in the air, crunchy leaves to walk through, and of course, Halloween approaching!



This morning on the way to work, I saw a shoe by the side of the road. All summer I’ve wanted to write about the ‘shoes on the highway’ phenomenon!

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road this summer and I am amazed at how often I’ve seen shoes on the highway! Where do they come from? How do you lose 1 shoe, especially going 55 miles an hour down the road? Yes, they are mostly single shoes, not pairs and not usually included in a pile of other things as if a whole bag blew off the top of the car… just a single shoe.

Yesterday I had a bit of insight; a friend of mine with a 2 year old boy got home from doing errands to find that he only had one shoe on. He happily reported that he threw the other shoe out of the car window as they were driving home!

Ok, well, that still doesn’t explain the large numbers of adult shoes that I see along the highway. Once, when my children were young, we were taking a trip and spotted a pair of shoes on the road. A little further on were some pants, then a shirt. We had such fun trying to imagine why they were there and what (or who) we’d find next!

It’s interesting to note the part shoes have played in our culture – other than to protect our feet.

The most common shoe legends have to do with brides or weddings. It has always been considered good luck to throw a shoe or shoes after someone going on a journey for good luck. This obviously translates to wanting to wish the bride and groom good luck by throwing shoes after them or tying them to the back of their carriage or car.

The completion of a business deal by giving a shoe dates back to Biblical times, and as daughters were considered property at one time, the passing of property from father to groom was marked by throwing of shoes.

During the late 18th century, in England, the custom of giving miniature shoes, as a sign of friendship, became very popular. Often shoe charms are given as good luck.

It is supposed to be very bad luck to place shoes on a table. Likewise, don’t wear your shoes into the house – you might be bringing the devil in!

I also read that if you leave your shoes in the doorway, with one facing in and one facing out, you’ll confuse the devil, or any evil spirit, so he won’t know which way to go.

On one of my Red Cloak Haunted History Tours we have a house that found many pairs of children’s shoes in the walls! During research we discovered that this was quite common in New England during Puritan times. They were placed there to “kick the devil out”! There are many reports of shoes also being found under eaves, near chimneys and windows – anywhere there might be a crack for evil spirits to enter.

Leather shoes were a deterrent because supposedly they took on some of the wearer’s soul.

Thanks for letting me share some shoe superstitions!


Labor Day Tours

Hi there! Hasn’t this Maine weather been awesome! I hope it keeps up for the whole Labor Day Weekend! Everyone has so many fun things planned – what are your plans? Besides giving tours in the evenings, I will be involved at the Camden Windjammer Days – as a Pirate! Come and say hello if you’re there!

We have plenty of great Red Cloak Haunted History Tours planned for you – ghosts, superstitions, a witch, the mystery ship, a haunted lighthouse, funeral trivia, black mists and more! Please call or e-mail and we’ll set you up; yes, weather permitting, we’ll be giving tours all week!

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