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Boothbay Harbor Experience

Here is a link to a story that a guest on one of my tours wrote. It is about an experience she had the night after her tour with me in Boothbay Harbor. Maybe some of you who’ve also stayed at Captain Sawyer’s have some stories you’d like to share as well?


Benefit Tours

“Getting Away Together,” a PBS travel show, is coming to Boothbay Harbor to film an episode this coming week! Everyone in town is so excited about promoting this special spot!

To help raise needed funds, I’m offering 2 Benefit Tours, one on September 30 and one on October 14. All proceeds from these tours will go toward the fund to bring the Emmy winning producer and his crew to town.

This is your perfect chance to stop putting off joining us on a Red Cloak Haunted History Tour! Boothbay Harbor is just beautiful and of course, very haunted! It’s reported to have the most haunted building in Maine… maybe we’ll see a ghost, but you’ll learn some interesting history as well!

We’ll be offering our Boothbay Cemetery Tours as well, on both of these dates. Information for making reservations in on the website,


National Lighthouse Day

With over 60 lighthouses in the state of Maine, today is a day to be observed for sure. Many of Maine’s lighthouses are open to the public and some have unique museums in the “keeper’s” house. There is also a Lighthouse Museum in Rockland.
There are short ones, tall ones, squat ones, double ones, striped ones, famous ones and on and on… my favorite is the Pemaquid Point Light, which is on the Maine State Quarter.
Lighthouses are such unique symbols of long ago, though of course, they still serve a purpose today. The first known lighthouse, Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt, was completed about 280 B.C. It stood more than 350 feet tall until an earthquake destroyed it in the 1300’s.
Do you think lighthouses are romantic? I think some people do, but in reality I’m pretty sure they were lonely, desolate places that required immense responsibility and long hours of work. I’d go and stay in one today, but I don’t think I’d have wanted to be a “keeper”!
Here’s an incredibly sad story of newlyweds who were stationed on Boon Island Light in southern Maine in the 1800’s. Boon Island Light happens to be the tallest of all Maine lights with 168 steps leading to the top of the tower. After only about 4 months of “keeping” the light, there was quite a winter storm and a high tide was sweeping over the island. While Keeper Bright was trying to secure their little boat, he either slipped or was knocked down on the rocks. His wife, Katherine, was able to drag him to safety to the foot of the stairs of the tower, and immediately took over the lighthouse duties. It is unclear whether Keeper Bright died immediately, or at some point over the next 5 days while his wife was “keeping” the light. More than likely she did this without much time for eating or sleeping or caring for her husband (and don’t forget those 168 steps!). On the 6th day, local fishermen noticed the light was out and went to investigate. They found Katherine cradling her dead husband’s body at the foot of the stairs… she died soon after.
Of course, as a history lover, they intrigue me, but many of Maine’s lighthouses and/or keeper’s houses are reported to be haunted, so that’s an added bonus. In fact they’re so intriguing that we’ve put together a Maine Haunted Lighthouse Tour! We have one next week, which, of course, is too late to join, but there is still space available for our September tour, if you’d like to join us. Here is a link FMI.


Haunted Maine Lighthouses

Into lighthouses? Haunted ones?

The Lady in the Red Cloak will be telling some haunted Maine lighthouse stories, as well as a brief history of each, at an Adult Education class later this month (April).

If you want to read more about it, or sign up for the class, please go to this link for MSAD40, Hopefully I’ll see you there!

A different Haunted Lighthouse opportunity is available in August, put on by my sister company, Mysterious Destinations. It is a 4 day/3 night bus tour of coastal Maine in which we’ll stop at 7 lighthouses and hear tales of many more! There will be the opportunity to do some searching for paranormal activity, if you wish, at most of the stops. There will be instruction on “ghost hunting equipment” and there will be equipment available for guests to use. We’ll also offer walking tours of 3 haunted Maine villages telling a few ghost stories along the way, and a stop at the Maine Lighthouse Museum. Check it all out at

I hope you’re enjoying Spring – if you’re experiencing Spring anyway! We had snow flurries yesterday and today here in Maine!


Camden Maine Ghost part two

We discovered this ghost in the apple tree a couple of years ago, just about this time of year.  Apples were falling from the tree during an unrelated story and a guest was joking about there being a ghost in the tree. She took a picture and captured an incredible orb in the tree! You can see her photo on our “Ghostly Sightings” page. As she was walking away, she said goodbye to the ghost and one lone apple plopped to the ground, as if in response.

We’ve now incorporated that story into the tour, and the last few weeks, our guests have been seeing strange things going on in the apple tree. One guest saw an apple go out from the tree sideways, before dropping to the ground! Another saw an apple already on the ground roll uphill – what?  As we were leaving one evening, I said goodbye to the ghost and thanked it for sharing. A picture taken at that moment shows an orb in the tree!

So last night I was interested to see what might happen when we stopped by the apple tree…  one of the guests saw 3 apples drop straight down and 1 apple go out sideways at the same time! Lots of pictures were taken, so we’ll see what those turn up. I will keep you posted…


The weekend will be here in a few hours! 3 nights left to get in on a perfect fall/Halloween experience! Check the schedule page for a tour near you, then give The Lady in the Red Cloak a call, 207-380-3806.


I Will bring you up to date with MGHS events soon, but now I want to encourage you to come out and support a good cause – tonight’s tour in Wiscasset will benefit the Lincoln County Historical Society. Enjoy a walk through historic Wiscasset and learn a little of its history and a little of past residents; some of whom may still “reside” there! Please call for reservations – 207-380-3806

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