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You might argue that UFO’s aren’t “haunted”, but they certainly are mysterious, so we occasionaly talk about them on our Red Cloak Haunted History Tours.

66 years ago today, a private pilot from Idaho, Kenneth Arnold, saw something that triggered the modern day UFO popularity. He also is credited for coining the term “flying saucer”.

Arnold was on a business trip, flying near Mr. Rainer in Washington, when he spotted some reflections that he thought might be from another plane. I won’t go into the long, detailed descriptions, but the short of it is that he saw 9 shiny, saucer shaped objects flying at an estimated speed of 1,700 mph.

These “unidentified flying objects” sometimes weaved, flipped, and darted as they manuvered in and out of the mountain range. At the time, Arnold thought he might be witnessing test flights of a new type of military aircraft.

As this became widely publicized over the next days and weeks, more UFO sightings were reported throughout the country. Was it because of a bit of hysteria, or were people actually seeing these and feeling justified in reporting what they’d seen since they weren’t the only ones?

There’s a lot of information on the web about this if you’re interested in delving a little deeper into this event.

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