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For Valentine’s Day – “The Frozen Lovers”

There was a terrible storm in December of 1850, with several ships going aground in Penobscot Bay, Maine. About midnight the storm picked up and the winds were howling. One small schooner had anchored earlier, intending to wait the storm out and continue to Boston the next day.
The captain had gone ashore and left his first mate, a seaman and one passenger on board. When the winds intensified, the schooner broke free, was blown across the bay to Owl’s Head, and crashed into the rocky ledges.
The 3 on board were not injured, but were exposed to the storm and waves and were soon soaked. They wrapped themselves in blankets to try to stay warm. As the schooner began to break apart, the seaman, Roger Elliott, scrambled ashore over ice coated rocks and eventually made his way to a road.
It was the road to the Owl’s Head Lighthouse and fortunately the lighthouse keeper was going by in a sleigh and saw the exhausted, freezing man. He quickly took him home and put him to bed (after a hot rum). Roger told the keeper about the 2 left on the schooner.
About a dozen men were called out for the rescue and made it to the schooner before it had totally broken apart. They found the 2 wrapped in each others arms under a blanket which was covered in ice! They seemed to be dead, but the rescuers would not take a chance and took them to the keeper’s house where they chopped the ice off of the pair and then placed them in cold water. The water temperature was slowly raised and the limbs of the pair were gently exercised and massaged.
After about 2 hours the passenger, Lydia Dyer, began to come to and within the next hour Richard Ingraham did as well!
During the sharing of the events, it became known that the pair were engaged to be married and thought, as they were freezing on the wrecked schooner, they’d never have a chance to share their vows. It was many months before they were totally recovered, but they did marry and had 4 children, living very near Owl’s Head, Maine and extremely thankful for Roger Elliot’s bravery.
Check my Facebook page for a Valentine poem written for a medium in 1875.

Ghostly Lovers for Valentine’s

Hi Folks!

I hope you have wintered well so far! Here in Maine we’ve had a fairly mild time – knock on wood!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon so we’re thinking ghostly lovers here at Red Cloak Haunted History Tours! On Saturday February 11, I’ll be telling a few tales at the Medomak River Community Market in Waldoboro. It’s a free event that will include wine tasting and chocolate tasting – Yum! You’re more than welcome to join me; I believe the whole event will begin around 5:00, but call me for more information, if you’d like 207-380-3806.

Later that evening, Mysterious Destinations will be holding a Valentine Midnight Explore at the Rufus Flye House in Damariscotta. It will begin at 9:00 pm with a light dinner that you can enjoy with your loved one and then, with some instructions on equipment, history, etc., you’ll go on a ghost hunt through the 3 story building! This building has had lots of activity in recent years, and also during past Midnight Explore’s. Check or call 207-380-4677 for more information and reservations.

Maybe I’ll share a ghostly lovers story here as we approach February 14!!

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